How to animate the enemy?

Can anyone kindly attach me how can I animate the enemy inside the mini map? Because I’m crawling through the steps and I can not move anything.

Can you find a plugin already ready? How can I enter the code directly without having to become crazy? Thanks for any answers.

And forgive my English I’m using the translator.

Sorry i noticed the error in the section post if an admin can move the post in the right section? thank you.

There is no “plugin” for minimap, it depends on what type of game you are developping. From there, there are many possibilities for minimap, with camera, duplicating position with simplified, srpite etc.

WHat kind of game are you trying to make ? …

The enemy as an attachment to the video must go from one side to another.

I need the code if possible of the animation step 1 step 2 step 3.
I’m trying to make some attempts but always without results.

I apologize for the map but I’m still testing everything.

Still not sure about you mean… For “minimap” purpose, if this can help, try this example from victor :

You want to move the green sprite from left to right like a “patrol” ? If it’s it, here are the basic operation :
move sprite to right (force), when collision, flip horizontally and move to the left (force), when collision and sprite flipped, then move to right.

Then I’m following the guide to animate the enemy taken from here: … formergame

The point in question is as follows:Creating the movement of the enemy

Can you tell me if there is an error in these parameters ?? I’m trying to copy the guide faithfully but it does not work.

Thank you very much for your previous answer.

Just do like in the tutorial you linked, seperate condition/action in differents events (part “Creating the movement of the enemy”).

Do not use condition and action in only one event.

As Kink says, you want two events, one to make it move left and one to make it move right.

I would also expect those events to refer to the enemy colliding with the GoLeft and GoRight objects, not them colliding with each other:

19 Enemy is in collision with GoLeft | Do =1 to variable Goleft of Enemy
20 Enemy is in collision with GoRight | Do =0 to variable Goleft of Enemy
21 Variable Goleft of Enemy = 1 | Add to Enemy a force of -50p/s on X axis
22 Variable Goleft of Enemy = 0 | Add to Enemy a force of 50p/s on X axis

The “At the beginning of the scene” condition shouldn’t be in event 19, it should be in the first event. That’s also where you would put the actions to hide GoLeft and GoRight.