How to Automatically Generate Terrain?

I’ve looked at a bunch of other posts, but I don’t understand any of it, I want my game to be generated somewhat like Terraria and Minecraft, where if you put in a seed it generates a world based on that seed, and if you put it in again, it’s the same thing, though, this is what I want to do, I don’t need to have seeds, the first thing I want is just world generation, I don’t want to have to place things block by block. I already have a grid working, if you need one, that is.

Yeah, that’s actually pretty dificult .All I know is that you do need all of the block types you want made first, a system to place them in grids (rather than placing them across random pixels where they overlap poorly), and then use a noise generator algorithm to pick what to place in each block.

I’ve never done anything like this, probably inaccurate in some parts, hope you get better guidance.

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do you know this step-by-step turorial? Implementing Procedural Generation - GDevelop documentation It is for top-down but you could just change it to side view. As reina mentioned it is not the easiest thing to do, but if you want to create your world procedurally there are no simple shortcuts.


I’ll try it out! Thanks for helping! I appreciate it.

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