How to avoid condition looping together

Hello everybody !

I a m trying to add an hints system to my game.

Here is how I would like it to work :

  • player click the hint button ( btnhint), then their cursor turns into an arrow + ?
  • if they click anywhere else, on an area without hint available, their cursor goes back to the simple arrow.
  • if they click on a specific area, with an hint available, they have an hint being displayed (indicedisplay) and their cursor goes back to simple arrow.
  • if they click again, with the hint displayed, anywhere else, it erase the hint window

I have add an askinghelp variable to check the state of the hint being asked.

Here are my conditions :

I also have a transition when they click on the btonconsole and this is where the issue is :

If they click to get an hint and then, anywhere else but NOT on btnconsole, it works !
If they click to get an hint and then, on the btnconsole to get an hint about it, the software gets the click to get the hint, it turns askinhelp to 0 and goes immediatly into the other conditon, the one of the transition.

How can I deal with this ?

Thanks a lot !

Move the console events above the other ones.
Also, maybe you’ll need to use the released button condition instead of pressed.

It doesnt work. I am going to check more onto this. Thanks a lot anyway !

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