How to center an objects center at another objects center

Basically I am trying to create a circle inside another circle.

It should look like this.

Look here the virtual pad basically is composed by two circles

Could you use the “Put the object around another” Action and use 0 for distance and angle?


Set the origin to the centre for both objects. Then place both objects at the same position.

I like @beanmatt’s suggestion too - that’s a novel way of using that action :D. Remember to modify the origin for that to work.

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As a general rule, I try to avoid anything that modifies the 2 primary points (Center/origin). Just because I’ll forget and it’ll impact other events down the road. :smiley:

With that in mind, all you’d have to do is use the “Position” event, and set the desired position to ObjectB.CenterX()-(ObjectA.Width()/2), and the same for CenterY and Height.