How to change of clothes a pj during the game or in a menu?

Hello all, i’m working on my first proyect and i have some questions.
There is a way to change clothes, hair, skin, or the whole pj in the game menu?
What i have to do to make that possible?

Thank you to any that can help me

You can do it by change animation events.

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Split your player into separated Sprites, then assign a variable like “armor_equipped” = 0,
For instance in Sword Sprite make animation named like “Sword_idle_0”, “Sword_run_0”, “Sword_attack_0” for 1 of your swords, then “Sword_idle_1” and so on…

Then check in GameScene if player.armor_equipped == 0 then Sword Sprite Animation must be “Sword_idle_” +player.VariableString(armor_equipped)

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Thank you, was very useful, and sorry for the late, i was having some problems and so. thank you again :slight_smile: