How to change size on objective/sprite?


I am making a wave defense game as a birthday present to a friend that loves games like that.

I have made an enemy objective with sprites I found in the asset store, but the enemy is really small and I have no idea how to fix it. I have searched everywhere but cannot figure it out.

Printscreen of the scene/objective:

Printscreen of the events:

Thank you in advance


Just add this action in the same event after you create the enemy object:

  • Change the scale of “enemy”: set to 2

Hey, thanks for answering!

I still don’t understand how to do it, I’m a beginner and can’t figure where to add the action

No problem!

I noticed some events needs to be fixed. Refer to the attached.

(You can set a higher value for the scale if the enemies are still small)

Select the object in the scene and you can change the size.
Then it will also be larger in the editor and not just after the game starts.

The objects are being spawned in the game by a timer and not added in the editor. So the size needs to be changed by an action.

You can change the size of your Objects through the Object itself by editing the Width and Height in Piskel. This will update the default sizes which means when you add new objects through the Event sheet they will be the new size as they come into the scene.

Many thanks, it worked!