How to change text object color from script event?

So, I’m trying to learn GDevelop, and I’ve figured out a few things on my own. I took the basic platformer template, and have been making small changes. One of those changes was I added a time display at the top to show how many seconds you’ve been playing the level.

I wanted to change the text color of the timer from an event. I found what looks like it should be the right action. However, the ‘parameter’ of the event is just a text entry field. What is the format? I guessed that I should put a hex code for the color (I’m just trying to set it to red). However, it doesn’t seem to be working. What is the correct format?

Also, could GDevelop just add a color picker as an option (still allow text entry, in case you are trying to pull the color from a variable or calculate it mathematically or something).

You have to pass it a string in the format:


Each component in the range [0, 255], for example full red is “255;0;0” :slight_smile:

Thanks so much; wish that had been documented somewhere.

Hello Moloiriel
In the last version GD 5.0.0-beta59 (here the changelog) the event like this have an color picker.
And thank you for the suggestion :slight_smile:

Nice. I just downloaded GDevelop a few days ago, so didn’t realize there was already another release.