How to change the colour of object

I have a slider under a sprite and i want that when the slider is moved then the colour of the sprite changes but i cannot figure it out can you guys please help me.
AND in advance if you guys know how to make different sliders control different type of colour like one controlling the hex and the second saturation then also pls tell or also just three sliders controlling red green and blue

As you see i have 3 variables and i could adjust them at my will separately for each color
Yet you could go with 3 sliders and use their value
I don’t remember exact expression for it
But it starts with NameOfSlider and ends with Value()
So by simply typing it in expression autofill should help you

Be aware TINT is adding a color not changing it
For tint manipulate color to any one you can came up with
You would need your objects to be white
So for example if you have red object then you can’t tint it to blue
Since adding blue to it will tint it into purple

Thanks ill research on it on my own

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