How to check collision

Hey all,

How to check if all grey squares are covered with a train track? And if not, you don’t go to the next level.

If a traintrack is layed down on a square, but afterwards removed. Then it needs to count as not covered.

If they’re all snapping to grid and you don’t want to use the Test Collision condition, you could compare the locations of objects and they’re the same then they would be colliding. Not sure if that would be better then just using the Test Collision condition though.

Test collision? I only can find collision. I already tried that. But i wont get the results that i want. With this setup, every time a track is in collision with the hitter it counts as a point. And if you remove it.

So i want it, that if a train track is lying on a hitter (so collision), i get a point. But if the train track was removed from the hitter you get -1 point. But what is happening now, is that everytime you are in collision with a train track you get +1 point or not in collision everytime -1.

I want it that you only can get 1 point from a hitter. And -1 if you remove it. And +1 again if its on the hitter again. So how to put a stop on this? Or maybe i need a diffrent setup?

(Yes, it was untoggled before.)

So you’re not trying to see if a train track is ON a hitter, you’re trying to see if something was on the track it would hit the hitter (if it was a real train)

Edit: Something like this below (just using spacebar to update points, get +1 point for each red in collision with brown)

No not really. Basicly the game is :

drag the train tracks to cover up the hole and complete the track. Then you complete the level.
So I wanted to check if people completed the track.
And collision seemed for me the best solutuion for this.

But how do i do that?