How to check if the mouse cursor is moving?

You can check if an object is moving, but how to do the same with the mouse cursor … is there an expression for it maybe?

For example:
If the mouse cursor is detected that it’s moving >>> do something

Thanks for helping as always.

You can store the current position in a variable and compare it on next frame before updating the variable :slight_smile:


@Gruk hmm…
Could you maybe explain in events so I can understand it better…

You can check in this example GDevelop 5
4 variable in the sample
scrollStartX, scrollStartY
scrollTargetX, scrollTargetY
So you can compare if startX is different than targetX and the same with Y

In TripleJump I wanted to automatically hide the mouse if the cursor had not moved in a little while.
I’m not sure if that’s what you are trying to do as well but here’s the code I used to do that: