TripleJump - A Puzzle Platformer

Triple Jump is an auto-running puzzle platformer where you have a library of different “jumps” that you can assign in any combination to three slots. You are then faced with levels that require some combination of those jumps to solve.

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Triple Jump Features:

  • Over 5 worlds and 80 unique levels
    • With three coin layouts for each level
    • Coins system that encourages discovering unique jump combinations
  • Six different jumps
    • Some with hidden alternative uses
    • Over 100 possible jump layouts
  • A gentle learning curve with level assistance mechanics to help prevent getting stuck
    • Also includes a hint system to reduce trial and error
  • A unique level looping system that focuses on persistence over perfection
  • Hidden power ups that help with coin hunting
  • Built in tracking for speed running and level optimizations
    • Fastest times
    • Least number of deaths
    • Least number of jumps
    • Aggregation of these for World and Game totals!
  • Ability to share your progress via Twitter

GDevelop Notes:
This is my pandemic baby. I’ve spent the last seven months or so, almost every night after work trying to FINALLY make a game that I could complete. My problem is that I get obsessed with optimizing engines and always just end up with prototypes. So I chose GD because it sort of forces you to focus on the game design and logically flow… which is good for me, because I would just end up with code and no game otherwise.
I wanted to make this game “on my own” but in reality I leveraged the work of many others like the GD staff. I made the credits section of the game interactive and IMO fun, but I realize not everyone here will buy the game, so here’s a list I put together:

To those of you who do play the game, I am more than happy to share how I made all of the different jump mechanics and levels, and anything else you are curious about.

Even if this is not your type of game, please do me a favor and share this link with anyone you think might be interested. I really appreciate it!


I thought I’d share with everyone here on how I’m marketing my game. Essentially I’m just relying on friends and family to start. But the trick is that I tried to put a lot of work into making the tasks quick and easy, and then letting them know that.

Here’s a static copy of the email I sent out to essentially everyone I know:

There’s a lot of tricks embedded in that I think are worth noting:

  1. Design the email to be “self-replicating” - Which means make it easy to read if it’s forwarded. In the actual email I sent I also included a little blurb like “If the pictures don’t show click here to see the web version of this email” and linked to link above.
  2. Twitter Web Intents allow you to prepopulate tweets that users can post to their timeline, so you can craft the tweet for them. This saves them lots of time, and assures you control the messaging too.
  3. Same thing for Facebook link shares, except that you have to use some fairly undocumented features like the “quote” section if you want to embedded a message with the URL. Again, this is a super simple ask of your recipients and allows you to control the links being shared and some of the messaging.
  4. announcements for new games seems to be a good place to start marketing when you release, so why not get others to help get more views there… I’m sure they decay quickly over time though.

That’s really it, just trying to share for anyone else trying to figure out this whole game dev thing on their own like me :slight_smile:

I forgot to mention, you never know what will happen… an old friend actually offered me some free advertising on their decent traffic website… so now I’m designing a real web ad for my silly game.

Hello Again… it’s been 1 year since I made my first (and only) game Triple Jump.
To celebrate I spent a bunch of time doing all the work to get my game into all of the stores.
Here’s what I’ve done:

  • Steam Store
    • Added Achievements using Greenworks
    • Improved gamepad support
    • Cross-platform cloud saving
    • This cost $100 dollars to publish a single app (but apparently they will pay you back if you make a $1000… hahahah fat chance)
  • Google Play Store
    • This cost $25 to create a publishing account
  • Apple Store
    • This costs $100/yr subscription for the privilege of asking then to publish your apps
    • By far the worst and most picky of the stores

If anyone has questions on what it takes to do all the manual builds to get steam integrations working, or building on iOS just let me know.

If anyone out there knows how to effectively market a low-budget game PLEASE help :sweat_smile:
I spent many months making this game and hundreds of dollars publishing it… it would be nice to at least offset the publishing fees. On I basically just got friends and family to buy it, but I’m hoping someday it finds an audience. Good luck to all of you all toiling away on your own games!

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I’ll promote your game on our social medias if you want :slight_smile:
If you have some resources to share with me for a post on FB, IG and Reddit, let me know in a private message on the forum.

And congratulation for this long journey with the publishing process!

Thanks @Bouh I’ll reach out to you.

For anyone else that’s willing to share on socials I have social share buttons on my marketing page that are ready to be clicked:

Also if any of you are willing to play the game for a few hours and write a review on Steam send me a DM and I’ll give the first couple of you who are interested a free key!