How to check system date & time?

I’m trying to make an achievement that unlocks a character if you play on April fools day but I don’t know how to check the systems date & time

Hi, I hope this can help I’ve read some articles and they say:

To get date or time you can use this expression Time()

you input what you want in Time() for example Time(hour) will give a result of hour of that day in number, Time(mon) will provide how many months have passed since January (Now it’s April so it is 3 months passed)

Combine that I think you can create a variable to store your date and time to check for it later

First create a global variable

Use String type

In the event sheet:
Use ToString((Time(“mon”))) + ToString(Time(“mday”))
you will store a number of months since January + number of that day

And for a condition If player plays this game on April fools day:

*I’m not sure that it will store the first day in 01 or 1 format

Now you write your achievement here on the action side (set Unlock variable of that character == true).

I hope this can help you, there may be some easier ways but that’s what I found.

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