How to compile GDevelop?

How to compile GDevelop?
I am a Japanese user.
Is there a video tutorial?

Have you seen on github ?

Here is the guide:
In Windows, GDevelop download and extracted the external libraries automatically through CMake, but the guide doesn’t tell you which compiler version install, I use TDM-GCC 4.8.1, from here:
tdm-gcc-4.8.1-3.exe for 32 bits, tdm64-gcc-4.8.1-3.exe for 64 bits
I don’t know if GD should compile with higher versions of gcc, but the compilation throw me errors with both lower (4.7 I think) and higher versions (5.1) :neutral_face:

For Linux, I compiled GD for Ubuntu 32 bits, but I’ve to admit I don’t remember correctly how I did it, since I automated the process after get it working the first time. I think I had to install wxWidgets 3 in the system, then build SFML and set it’s path in an environment variable, finally compiled GDevelop with the same compiler used for SFML of course (I had gcc 5.1 in Ubuntu), sorry, it was a mess, and I have lost this Ubuntu due a hard disk problem, so I’ll have to do everything again :frowning: