How to comply with privacy policies worldwide?

Hello, I’m about to finish my first mobile game app, which is targeted towards children. I’ve realized that before publishing, I need to add privacy policies and terms of use both on Google Play and within the app itself.

Now the issue is that I want my game to be available worldwide and I don’t want to restrict it geographically, as that would potentially result in lost downloads and players. However, I’ve read that I need to comply with the privacy policies of each country where Google Play is available.

This can’t be true, can it? How am I supposed to know and comply with the policies of every country where Google Play is available? Not to mention creating 100+ scenes each with different policies.

For example, if I want my game to be available in the United States, I supposedly need to comply with COPPA, even though I’m not based there.

Furthermore, I need to add a Yes or No field at the beginning of the game where users can either accept or decline data collection. So, if someone declines, I won’t even know their age or location, and I won’t be able to provide them with the appropriate policies.

It would be great if someone with experience in this area or who has successfully published games could explain to me which policies I need to comply with.

Relevant information:

  • I am based in Germany.
  • The game is targeted towards children aged 0-12.
  • There will be in-game content that can be purchased with real money.
  • I do not collect any data myself, only the data automatically collected by Gdevelop is included.

Thank you in advance for any help!

You can turn off the data collected by Gdevelop. In your ads you need to tag them for children (in admob, not sure about others). You need to comply with Google Play’s Families policy. You need to be careful about any 3rd parties or services like Firebase or plugins you use, that they’re not collecting info with an identifier (from the device or a number the service assigns the user) or getting location.

The user opting out of data collection thing was native a while ago not something you had to make, and only applied if you had it in your settings that people could opt out and still use your app (in apps for 13 and older of course). Then if you did not set it up that they could decline and still use your app, you just provided contact info in your privacy policy for when they decided to discontinue use of your app and wanted you to delete their data. In apps for a child you don’t need that because you shouldn’t be collecting data with identifiers for them. You just go through the checklist in your console of types of data you collect and put none, none, none, none, none etc. And in your listing google will just show that you collect no data. In your privacy policy, which you still have to have, you just declare that you collect no data and give them a contact email or number people can reach you at if they have concerns.

I think it’s great you’re making children’s games by the way.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to respond. Your input means a lot to me and I truly appreciate your help. I’m going to put your suggestions into action now.

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