How to configure a dialogue system using only timers, key releases, and text objects, and without yarn editor

I am a genius! I created an excellent dialogue system without using yarn editor (which I think I’m too stupid to figure out) and it is awesome!

Of course, the fact that I needed to figure this out in the first place automatically makes me less of a genius, and the fact that it doesn’t even work properly means my superior intellect isn’t at all that superior. Now, it did work properly when I previewed it after adding line 2, and lines 0 and 1 still functioned properly after adding line 2, but could somebody please tell me what is wrong with line 2? Because really, I’m surprised I was smart enough to figure this much out.

I am flabbergasted that my superior intellect could not not notice such a simple mistake in the code! (No, I’m not. I’m used to being not very observant, actually.)
Screenshot 2024-01-25 091307
The space key is released is not directly the right condition. The space key is released fires off the timer, if my memory serves me well (it doesn’t often) and when the timer reaches 1 second, the action occurs.