how to creat a" share your score" botton ??

i have been almost done my game just a last problem that is how to creat a botton which to share high score on facebook or twitter :frowning:( is there anyone did it and successed ? can you help me

I have the same issue :frowning:
some one can help us?


I don’t think (or know) that this can be done via the extensions unless someone will make the extension using the facebook plugin. Also, with due respect to GD, I have read this from the C2 forum:

I haven’t tried it yet but it is for a “Go to URL” action. I hope making a plugin for GD is easier.

There is a website

which might be able to do what you want

I think you need to embed a html element and add something this to it.

Since you have full access to javascript in GD, it is possible to add an element at fixed position in your high score scene.
If that is what you mean, I can make a demo if you are interested.

However, sometimes you might want to share the screenshot instead of just the score. This will be hard to do.