how to create a chronometer

I do not know how to make a timer (chronomèter) that starts from 30 seconds to 0 seconds. :smiley:

You can do it with a timer like this:

I did as you have written
and it does not work the chronometer poster “text”

There are some issues in your screen shot:

  1. put “Le chronomètre “time” …” in a separate event. The way it is now it will only trigger one time → when the scene starts.
  2. “La variable seconds est <= à 0” needs to be on the same level as the “est > à 0”. When it is a subevent it won’t get triggered.
    Your current logic in english:
    “If seconds is greater than 0 then check if seconds is lower or equals than 0”
    → since seconds it is greater than 0 the latter part can’t be true

A big thank you for your support :smiley: :slight_smile: :smiley:

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