How to create a coin object with a letter on it?

Unless creating all coin-letters as separate sprites… It could be nice if the coin can spin with the letter like a single object.

Thank you.

Text objects cannot be skewed or stretched (they are objects that are part of the base PixiJS rendering engine, not much GDevelop can control on that), so I don’t believe you can do this without custom sprites.

I believe you could, actually, using the render to sprite extension. Spawn the coin, spawn a text on top of it, render the image of the sprite and text into the sprite, and delete the text. That would effectively embed the text into the sprites image, allowing to skew it and manipulate it however you would with just the sprite

That’s a rad idea. It eould eliminate the immutability of being a text object. Wonder if it would have any delay/performance concerns, but seems like it’d be worth a shot.