How to create a homing missile?

How to create a homing missile. That is the missile should find the enemy and on collision destroys it. what if there are no enemies and what if there are multiple enemies? Please help me.

İm so new but this 2 tutorial maybe help you.İ hear enemy al,raycast,auto attack.

There is also an extension ,if I remember correctly it’s called homing missiles



Hi you can look here

into the boss logic there is a homing missile implementation.
The boss has two cannons that aim to the player angle and fire missiles.

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Try this example of VictrisGames

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I used the extension to create homing missile and it works. But I have some issues.

If I fire two missiles consecutively, both are locked to the same enemy. The first missile destroys the enemy and then the second missile stops in its position. How to fix this?

Or a better idea would be, if there are ‘n’ number of enemies, then create ‘n’ number of missiles. Each locked to different enemies and destroy all of them. How to do this?

Gdevelop has a counter but I fix it with a trigger collider when a enemie is dead the triger aplies a force to other in a range

show me your event. I think I have an idea.

Hey this it my solution

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