How to create a match-3 game?

Hello, I have read some articles that we can create a match-3 game with GDevelop. But I didn’t find any information about it. Can someone tell me how match-3 game created in GDevelop? Or at least the algorithm. Thank you

Did you look at the “Pairs” example? It’s a memory/match-two-cards game. :slight_smile:

Yes I did. But I don’t know how to implement it on match 3 games. How to check connected blocks if there is a match. Can you help me?

Can you explain what you mean by match 3? :slight_smile:

Like candy crush or bejeweled

I’d start with adding another variable “third_card_id” to the “Pairs” example.

It has “first_card_id” and “second_card_id” built in, which it uses to compare card ID’s and check if they match. You’ll need to adjust the events to include it, but I don’t know exactly how off the top of my head.

Note: that may not be the exact variable names as I don’t have a project open at the moment, but it should be close. You’d find them in scene properties > scene variables and the related id variables defined in the object variables for each card.

BTW, I love Bejeweled :smiley: Looking forward to your success.