How to create a real time multiplayer game

Hi I am new to GDevelop.
Can anyone tell me if it is possible to create a game like Clash of Clans? I am wondering about this because I have a great idea for a game, but I need to know if GDevelop has the features to create a real time multiplayer game and to store data? I do not have the time or skill to code a whole new game from the start. I have read that creating a game like Clash of Clans from scratch will take years. If anyone has created such game here could you also try to help me out? My idea of my game is not so complicated as Clash of Clans. Any advice will help!!

Thanks for your help in advance!!! :smiley:

idk much clash of clans, but basically GDevelop itself will not be enough to create the whole game :
Gedevelop can be used to make the "client side "game, wich an ios/android app for example, with all the graphics, gameplay/control and sounds,etc. For users/session, data storage, multiplayer features, you’ll server side developpement. There are several example on the forum and wiki about how to use GD with client/server based on Php/MySQL technologies.

idk for realtime multiplayer features on HTML5 platform, it’s possible on the native platform but the extension is outdated and might disappear soon.

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