How to create an Spin Dash in Gdevelop?

I’m working on my first sonic fan game in the gdevelop engine and I’m wondering how to make an spin dash in Gdevelop, I’m mean a spin dash like an classic sonic game like Sonic 2 & 3K not trying to make an sonic 1 style of game.

Can you please help me & send me an screenshot to get an better understanding?

Please Help!

what do you mean, Sprites (Animation) or Events (Controls and conditions)

But I’m wanted a screenshot to understand how to make an spin dash in Gdevelop?

Can you please help me?!

All it looks like is an animation of Sonic spinning fast and moving in the direction Sonic was facing when the spin attack started.

If you use the platformer behaviour, it’d be a case of ignoring any movement keypresses (turn off default controls), and simulate the keypress in the correct direction for a number of seconds.

If you’re looking for a speed boost, you’d increase the max speed and acceleration while setting up the spin dash (again, assuming you’re using the platformer behavior, there are actions for both of these), then reset the acceleration to normal after they let go, and return max speed to normal after some sort of timer (and/or if they stop moving).

Can you show me a screenshot please?