How to create checkpoint ?

How to create checkpoint ?
what’s the name variables to positions ?

When you collide with a checkpoint, deactivate the previous one and activate the new one with an object variable:

[code]Conditions: Player collides with Checkpoint
Actions: No actions

    // Deactivate all the checkpoints
    Conditions: Take into account all Checkpoint
    Actions: Do = 0 to variable "active" of Checkpoint

    // Activate the new Checkpoint
    Conditions: No conditions
    Actions: Do = 1 to variable "active" of Checkpoint[/code]

Then when you are dead, select the active Checkpoint and go for its location:

Condition: Player collides with Enemy Variable "active" of Checkpoint is = 1 Actions: Do - 1 to variable "lives" of Player Do = Checkpoint.X() ; = Checkpoint.Y() to the position of Player

I’ve been having problems with it recognizing additional to checkpoints.
I think I did what you described above but it’s still not working.
Please take a look and help me understand where I’m going wrong, thank you.

Well, if you use the Linked Objects extension there is no need to use the “active” variable. When you collide with a checkpoint break all the previous link and link the player with this colliding checkpoint only. Then when you want to go back to the checkpoint just take into account the checkpoint linked to the player and move to its position.

Not tested but should look like this: