How to create choices for player to choose?

Choices and different consequences kind of like a visual novel.

For example say a non playable character asks the main character

“How is your day going?”

Choice one would be
"Great actually.

And each choice would have a different reaction.

If player chooses
“Great actually.”
They would reply with
“Well that’s good to hear hope you’re not just saying that though.”
Reaction for terrible would be.
“Well that sucks…but hey at least you’re honest.”

I posted a picture of what I kind of mean

This is a picture of a game called “journal.” About a girl copping with her sisters death.
There’s a lot of choices in game in how the character wants to interact with her peers.

This is an example one of the many choices in the game.

Thank you for reading.

To keep it simple, what you could do is simply show and hide messages and options based on where the player was clicking and what message and option was displaying at the time and position of the click.

This is not the best way to do it but I assume you don’t really know how to use GDevelop so this is the easiest way I can explain, but I suggest to learn the basics first. If you know and understand the basics, you can come up with a lot better solution than what I’m showing you here.

Let say you have the messages on the screen.
“How is your day going?”
“Well that’s good to hear hope you’re not just saying that though.”
“Well that sucks…but hey at least you’re honest.”

And you also have the options on the screen the player can choose from
“Great actually.”

At this point this is nothing but sprite or text objects on the screen. At the beginning only the first message object would be visible, the other two would be hidden and the two option object the player can choose from also would be visible.
So you have all together 5 objects on the screen, 3 messages and 2 options but 2 messages are hidden, not visible to the player at this point.

To let the player choose an option, you can simply check if the mouse is clicked on an object and when it is clicked you can hide the original message and show the corresponding message to the selected option by using the events in such way.

[code]If mouse is over object “Great actually.”
If mouse is released
If object is visible “Great actually.”


Show object “Well that’s good to hear hope you’re not just saying that though.”
Hide object “How is your day going?”
Hide object “Great actually.”
Hide object “Terrible.”

The reason this solution is not that practical because you need to have all the options and messages on the screen which can be really messy and you don’t really know how the conversation is progressing because you just showing and hiding objects based on where the player is clicking and what is visible at the time of the click.

The best would be if only the necessary objects would be displayed based on the progress of the conversation but just like your previous question it would require too much information and time to explain from start to finish, not something that would be practical to do in a forum post in my opinion but someone may find the time to do it.