How to create daily reward system?

Hi guys,
How can you create daily reward system?
As the Scene Timer won’t work (not to my knowledge)
I need something like:
Click on button to claim reward > If under 24 hours/seconds
Click on button to claim reward > If between 25-48 hours

Thanks for any help.

Just a quick note, this solution would hopefully also work as an ‘earn money offline’ feature.
You have been away for 24 hours and earnt 100 coins etc.


Create a variable that you will save through Storage. In this variable, record the date and time when the player received the reward (remember, write down). Next, add a check for how much time has passed since the last reward (the difference between the current time and the value in the variable, the times of receiving the last reward).
Receiving rewards (online, offline) will be made only while the game is running. Therefore, you can add checking the values by pressing a button, starting a scene, or just starting a timer (once a minute) so that it checks and notifies the user.

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Thanks bud, I’ll check it out soon, just looking into IAPs!