How to create my own statement

If I were to mess with the engine source code, how would I create a condition like the statements?

Also I forgot to ask: Can I manage to do it without messing with the source code? (an extension?)

Are you talking about putting conditions into custom condition? I wish that was possible but to my knowledge it’s not. I’d love to make stuff like the while or repeat event. My first event would be a for next type event with a built in variable sort of like a while event.

Can I ask what you want to make?

The statements (if/and/or…) I know thats not possible in the no-code interface, I was wondering how easy/hard it would be to clone the respository and make my own statements.

That’s beyond my knowledge. I do wish they would expand the events so you could make events like and or repeat. I also wish they’d expand the prefabs.

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