How to create pet caring game with a shop feature in GDevelop?

I’m looking for SaaS platform that can help me creating a pet caring game. Some requirements for the game are described below. Can I make it with GDevelop?

  1. It shall have a shop feature to buy for items (food, toy, expand house, etc.)
  2. User get money from daily income (default set)
  3. The game shall have cycle of time (e.g., day). The user can buy items, play with the pet, and then end the day manually.
  4. The price of items in the shop shall change everyday to show the consumer price index / inflation concept.
  5. There shall be a quiz at the end of the day. Answering the quiz correctly will give user some money or items.

yes you can do that in gdevelop

@arthuro555 can advise me how to create a cycle of time (e.g., day) and shop feature with changing prices everyday in GDevelop? Your response is much appreciated

Just to clarify so there isn’t any confusion based off your opening requirement: Please keep in mind that GDevelop is a game engine that will enable you to make this game, it won’t create the game for you. It also doesn’t host any multiplayer servers or database backends, so you will be expected to build/stand those up yourselves if needed.

That said:

Cycle if time: if you are using a “fake” day cycle (not actually 24 hours) look into setting up a timer (in seconds) for whatever duration you want a day to be, then reset it as an action in the event. If you are using realworld time, review the wiki for the time expression and use the full timestamp. Then store the (current day) timestamp in a variable, and then compare the current fay variable against the timestamp, once it is one day later (in milliseconds) update the variable once.

Daily income: in the same event that resets the timer, issue the income, since the timer will reset it will issued once. Same idea for the timestamp.

Price index: these are just variables. You could probably randomize them or adjust them in the same event that deals with time and income.

Quiz at end of day: this will likely just be text objects for the questions and answers, and if the designated correct answer is selected, then you increase the bonuses or income the user has.

Overall the above are the base concepts. You will want to read through the wiki and the examples in the engine to learn more about the concepts and then apply them. If you have attempted to build it out and run into issues with a specific concept, people will potentially be able to help more for that specific item, but generally folks won’t build out tutorials from scratch for an entire game concept.

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