How to create realistic 2d shadow effect

hello–i’m trying to implement a realistic shadow effect for my 2D character sprite (example below):


instead of just making the sprite have the shadow and ball together, i’d like to make the shadowing realistic, so that the shadow will always appear to the bottom left of the (as if a “real” light was shining on it):


as you can see, the ball was rotated 45 degrees to the left, but still has an accurate shadow underneath.

i hope i didn’t make this sound more complicated then it really is–the ball’s “shadow” is just a black circle under the red/green ball with the opacity turned down.

how can i achieve this? thank you.
let me know if i can clarify anything.

Look into the shadow layer effect.

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thanks for the reply. is this what you’re referring to?

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Yes @Silver-Streak is referring to that

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You could also try having a separate shadow sprite, and then keep changing it’s X and Y position to that of the ball (plus or minus the bottom left offset), and then make it a Z order lower than the ball.


this sounds perfect, thank you.

There is an extension shadow clones give it a try maybe than helps

I used here on each car and it works pretty well

i’m not looking for how to make shadow clones, i was looking for how to make an accurate shadow effect. thanks nonetheless