How to create rooms with numbers

im making a roguelike using a plane projection extension Fake 3D with Plane Projection - #GDevelop - YouTube. Im facing a very big problem tho. Since it is a rougueike, it supposed to generate a bunch a rooms randomly put together to create dungeons. however, i have no ideia how to. I could use the dungeon map extension but due to the plane projection this dosen’t work at all. From what i get it, i need to figure it out a way to: make a number be = to a room so when the number is chosen, certain objects spwan at a location so the room is perfecty made without any errors, check if there is suppose to have a room after a door and etc. Hopefully i find the soulusion here.

You can open extensions in the editor to see how they’re built and tweak them as you need.
I’m not sure I understood your issue, but there’s this action:
It accepts expressions, so you can make external layouts with different rooms, give them a number as name, and use a variable or random number to load rooms as you like.