How to create simple slider working normally

hi every one. I hope you all happy and healthy. anybody can help me/ show me. how to code to make a slider work normally. this my my picture slider and the code.

but when it compiled the slider is not working normally.

There are a slide cursor in the example Primitive drawing

Yeah, before, I have learned that primitive drawing example. But, I get stuck, because the code is a lot of function, not focused to just slider only. Finally I create my own slider logic code, but the code looks still not efficient, it’s too many line.
This is my work.

broo @bouh do you have any simple idea?

An extension made by the community is in progress for that.

Here for follow the current developpement of the future extension: DraggableSliderControl (New Extension) · Issue #91 · GDevelopApp/GDevelop-extensions · GitHub

wow, I have visited the link. those slider is awesome. Hopefully, the extension will be available in the next update GDevelop, Thank you @Bouh, for the information.