How to create sub-scene system?

Hello all developers!
Today I started making the prototype of my text game, but not being able to make a system that is at the same time simple ends up being complicated…

Following the game image, I placed the house icon, configured it as a button, the intention is that when the player clicks on the house icon, the red screen loads the house scene with its functions. The system I wanted to do would be the main scene, where all the game files will be located, like the entire hud, and when you click on an icon or button it will load another scene, but it would be in the main scene where the red background image would become the another scenario, in this case a sub-scenario system.

Hi, you cannot run a scene within another scene. This here will help you to do what you described: External layouts - GDevelop documentation

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Thank you for the help, but in this case if I created a scene where all the hud information would be located, such as life, when clicking on the character’s icon it would suggest the statuses and separate each object and information by layer, and when I went to an environment scene using Would the option to load the external layout load all the information? thanks in advance

For that you also need eternal events. Here is a short introduction to both externals: