How To Create Swipe Trails?

I want to create a swipe trail like in this game, how would one do this in Gdevelop, I’m thinking I might need to utilize the “joints” feature in some way, but I don’t even know how to create the swipe effect itself, or really how to utilize the “joint” feature


There’s an action category called “Primitive drawing”. I would give that a try.

I guess i’ll try that at first but I don’t really think it will work, also there’s not much I can do with that method because what if I want a custom “swipe trail”, the primitive drawing feature as far as I’ve tested it, is just that, primitive, you can’t do much with it

I’ll more likely find my solution by using a sprite of a thin rectangle, and making each point it connects to a specific kind of joint, and at each connection it spawns another one of that specific sprite so I can seamlessly move from point to point (joint to joint), it may not have the “bendy” effect, it will be more angular, but at least it will actually work as I need it to, and the line won’t just look like a plain drawing in paint

That would not fit the aesthetic of the game I’m making at all

There are a couple of settings to make it look not “just like a plain drawing in Paint”.
But I’m not sure how “smoothing” the lines could be done… Good luck with your “joint to joint” workaround.

Hello ucantseeme3d,
did you find a solution ?
I have the same request .