How to create tween frames for sprite animation

hey all. i am trying to create a fluid running animation for a still object in gdevelop, like so (excuse the bad drawing lol)

i want the character’s legs to move swiftly between animations, using the tween tool. is this possible?

i know tweening is available for an objects that are moving up/down/left/right across the screen, but that’s not what i’m looking for. i’d like the character to stay in one spot, and have its legs smoothly transition between frames.
let me know if i can clarify anything. thank you :slight_smile:

To clarify, there isn’t a tween tool in the engine.

There is a tween behavior that let’s you move objects or tween a variable, but I dont think it will come close to what you are wanting to do with out an extreme amount of events that will affect performance severely, and still would only be somewhat close, not perfect.

I think what you actually want is animation spine support, which is not currently available.

Hi if you’re a Master Of The Universe in JavaScript or PixiJS you can try to make some kind of integration with


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thanks, i’ll make sure to check this out @UlisesFreitas

gotcha. thanks for the reply.

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hi again–how do i use this in inkscape? i installed the extension, but when i try to export to spine, i receive an error saying “AttributeError: can’t set attribute.”

No idea try in the Inkscape forum they will help you better than here.