How to Create Walk Zones and Walk Behind Zones

So my game design experience is mainly from AGS, but I wanted to give GDevelop a try for quick prototyping. The snag I’m running into is that my focus is on point and click adventures, which technically are 2D objects that “pretend” to be on a 3D plane.

Here’s an example of what AGS does: Adventure Game Studio | AGS | Tutorial | Ags | 2

How do I make a “walk behind zone” and walking zones for a point and click character? For a walk behind zone it is almost like I need an invisible layer untop of my bg layer, but I’m not sure how to make GDevelop only disappear part of the character as they “go behind” that part of the background. Any pointers?

Hi. I think you are talking about Z-Orders. When a Z-Order of object1 is less than another object2, object1 will go behind object2, object2 will overlap objet1, but if object1’s Z-Order is greater than object2’s Z-Order, object1 will overlap object2. Read more about it here.

Your easiest bet will be the Y sort extension. It automatically adjusts the Z order of an object based on the current y position.