How to deal 1 damage to health bar without colliding?

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How do i deal a damage to the health bar? First my is a duck shooter game and i have a riffle, a bird and a duck.

When shoot at the bird it will show the shot sprite on the bird, and when it is shot at the bird the health bar will decrease by 1.

Since when searching the health bar only works for collision in my game it does not work, when i shoot at the bird i will only show shot sprite and did not decrease health.

FYI, i using the health behavior.

Hello, turbo

I don’t know if this is your problem, but your are applying the damage to object called “sniper” not to the BlueBird. It’s corretly?

And the damage is being reduced from Shield and Armor. If you changed that in the properties of the Behavior maybe it’s preventing from reducing the damage in the Health.