How to delete the web upload?

I exported my project to web and i shared the link, but i need to to delete that project.
how can i manage the links or delete it? and for how long the link will be valid? any idea?


The links remain active for seven days.
No manual control over them. Just have to wait. :ok_hand:

Not deleted till now :frowning:

yes, I would like to know how to delete it as well :slight_smile:

Hmm, yes, I thought it was one week, but it sometimes stays much longer.

@4ian Could you give some details about the minimum/maximum time a Web build can be stored on your server, and if there’s any way to delete them?

You cannot download your build after 7days because this one is deleted automatically.
The official message in GD is

This is the list of builds that you’ve done. Note that you can
download games generated during the last 7 days, after which they
are removed.

For the web it’s maybe , if no user come during 7days the game is deleted, i don’t know.

My game was uploaded since 3 month now and not deleted yet , i deadly need to deleted from GDevelop Amazon hosting … :frowning:

Send me the link by email and I’ll make sure it’s removed. Thanks!

Sent to you … Thanks for your support …