How to detect fullscreen

I’m currently working on a project, and I want to hide character in fullscreen mode.
But when I use hide when game is on fullscreen, I preview it in fullscreen and character does not hide.
Can you help? Thanks if you can.

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Do this:

If you just click on the square on the right up corner - this is NOT a fullscreen.

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Sorry, i don’t understand that… If i touch the Square in the bar (right up corner) this isn’t considered fullscreen? Wow, i really thought that was fullscreen, my mistake :V
So just to fix the game in full screen i need put the event “The game is in Fullscreen”? no other method?

No, that’s the condition to check if it is in full-screen. The action to put it in fullscreen is “Activate fullscreen: yes (keep aspect ratio: yes)”

oki and thanks! to your answer