How to disable Share same collision masks for all animations

Hi there,

I created a character with 15 animations and I accidentally turned on the “Share same collision masks for all animations” option.

Now if I try to turn it off it doesn’t, as the other animations of this character have this button turned on and I cant turn them all off at the same time the option turns itself on as soon as I change the animation.

Is there a way around this? Any help is welcome. It just seems there must be a way around this but I’m not figuring it out…

One I can think of, is re-declaring the animations again from that object. Delete the animation then, declare / instantiate it again.

Deleting all the animations and inserting them again then if I understood correctly? I thought of that, but there should be a easier way no? :confused:

I’m having the same problem. I’ve only been using GDevelop for a few days, but it looks like a bug. If you move the slider to the off position, it asks you if you want to turn it on. It will go off but if you exit and go back in, it returns to the on position.