How to disable touch on round button controls when not showing on screen?

Hi, this is my first time creating a mobile game using this game maker app.

When the screen shows the instruction I hide the round buttons controls Up, Left, Right, Down, Jump and Confirm but the round buttons controls can be touched to let the Green Hero move. I want the player to able to touch the round buttons controls after exiting the instruction not when the instruction is showing.
How to only enable the round buttons controls touch when the player exits the instruction but NOT when the instruction is showing.

Round buttons controls problem video

The events:

PS: I use a PC to preview and test the game. Not yet used the phone to test the game.
Thank you & I appreciate you guys taking the time to read, If anyone can help it would be appreciated.

There are so many things you can do here. You can create your buttons in an external layout on a layer in the external layout that you want them on, matching a layer name in your main event. Then after you delete the other buttons you can add an action to create the objects from your external layout at 0,0. You can have them on another layer in your main scene off screen somewhere and only move the camera of that layer to show them after you delete the other buttons. Or since you are deleting your buttons you can set the mobile control events to be a subevent to a condition like “Number of LargeExitButton living on the scene = 0”. Or make them to be a subevent based on the RoundButton is visible (not marked as hidden). Many more things but this will get you started brainstorming.

Thank you for your reply, I’ll try to make it work base on your feedback.