How to disable Vsync?

I am pretty new to gdevelop 5 and I have been wanting to run my game at higher than 60 fps. I made a text object to display the fps (like this Thx convictedweirdo) So I went into my game properties and disabled max fps but now my text object keeps saying 60 fps which is annoying bc I would like my game to take the full potential of one’s device. Btw this is on windows PC. I am assuming it is saying 60 fps bc gdevelop 5 automatically enables vsync. Does any1 know how to disable?

Thanks, Friszld

Hm. Not a full solution, but go to the NVidia (or whatever your GPU is’) control panel, and check that VSync is not being set there.


Unfortunately, Chromium based browsers force Vsync by default. Because the engine runs in Electron (which is a chromium browser) you cannot disable Vsync.

Electron was testing a method to work around this, but the last update I saw for it on their github was in 2018.


(sorry for bad english) You can start your game with ≥60 fps, but you need to monitor ≥60 Hz (I started own game on 75 fps, and worked pretty good)