How to do 3d (all)

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ummmmmmmmmm i dont know

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well I don’t know anything about 3d in GDevelop. all the videos about is are all old.

Old? One of the first videos I came across when I googled it was this GDevelop tutorial that’s 2 weeks old

Here’s a 3D platformer tutorial

And here’s a more advanced making a 3D platform game

You can check out the following example GDevelop 3D projects

Here is an example first person shooter

And here is an example 3D racing game

wow that helped a lot thanks for the template

are you doing the BIG game jam

you know the umm 3d racing game. I don’t know how it works at all.

Yeah, that 3D racing is a bit more advanced, so maybe not the ideal learning example. However, you could use it to see how the 3rd person camera works.