how to do collision between player and physics object?


When a physics object moves, the player cannot correctly interact with it because the computation of collision is based on the initial position of the physics object instead of the current position. What can be done to overcome this?


The physics engine does update positions of objects! :confused:

Can you make a video of your problem or share the .gdg file?

Here’s a picture: the beam was initially horizontal and then rotated counterclockwise to this position because the hinge is placed at the right end. The player is walking on the collision map of the initially horizontal beam.

because the board attachment quota has been reached I couldn’t attach the gdg, so here’s a link to the dropbox file:

oooh that’s a tricky one. :confused:

I have more time to look at this at the weekend and will try to find you a solution!

Seems like bug to me.

Yes, I noticed that when I rebuild the case, then sometimes this happens and sometimes not. I couldn’t figure out what exactly makes the collision detection fail. I could create a case that works as expected, I hope it stays that way.

So, you use the physic automatism to animate the platform. But do you use the Platformer automatism for the player ?

EDIT : I’ve tested your project, everything is working fine.