How to do proper animation

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How do I…

I want to do a proper animation for my witch, it get stuck onto one frame and it wont change to other animation

What is the expected result

i want everytime the witch changes position it play the teleport animation

What is the actual result

it gets stuck on the last frame of the animation

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It’s supposed to stop on the last frame, if you want to play it again every time you need to either switch to another animation and then switch back, or you could change the animation frame to 0 and play the animation again. You could also put it on a loop but I don’t think that’s what you’re trying to do.

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There are multiple ways of doing it. The basics method is to change the animation and then check the current animation and see if it’s done playing. Some people use a wait but that’s not as accurate as checking the status. I used the spacebar to test it.

If you want to play an animation before moving it and then another when it appears like a transporter. You could use this.

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