How to do string format?

Similar to String.Format:

EDIT: English Link

Not sure about what you are asking : the link leads to a wrong url on the spanish version of the website !

Where do you need string format ? You have several function you can use like ToString() or VariableString().

For example, to format the numbers, number of decimals, comma separation, integer digits, …

Reference. Standard Numeric Format Strings:

You mean dataType ? I not sure about the answer… native platform might be similar to C++, idk for HTML5… sorry !

For example, using constant number of integer digits. For example, i want convert score number 110 by 000110, or score 1530 by 001530, using always 6 digits.

It’s not currently supported by GDevelop. But it could be good idea to add this feature. :slight_smile:

Ok, Thanks for the answers.