How to edit and save / load a text?

Hi everyone, I’ve been trying for weeks to create an app that edits some text, save it and load it when the application starts but I just can’t figure out how!
Obviously to be used with the smartphone … I can open the keyboard and enter text but I can not in any way keep it in memory …

Could someone kindly explain to me how to do it or show me some examples?

Thank you so much who can help me!

Unfortuately, just as they are shown in the event editor, Filesystem events can only be used on desktop OSes, meaning Windows/Linux/Mac.

Without those I’m not aware of any way to do this for mobile.

thanks for the reply, if there really are no methods to do this it is really a wasted opportunity for Gdevelop

You can save and load text with the storage actions, you just cannot have it in a file that the user can open with another app.

Hi, would you kindly explain to me how to do with a very simple code example? I’ve tried a thousand times but I just can’t. basically I would like to be able to edit some text with the app and save it, and then be able to read it when the app is opened

thank you very much, I’ll try what you suggested and if everything works I’d love to share the code! basically I would like to create an app that if I click on “edit” a smartphone keyboard appears and I modify the text and then save it and read it again modified every time I reopen the app! I was just missing this! thank you for the moment!