how to effect the flappy bird

hi, I have a problem, I can not make the flight effect of the bird in a clone of ‘flappy bird’, I already looked here in the forum and google, but found nothing.
If someone can help thanks

I think this should be quite simple. Attach physics behaviour to your bird sprite object and add gravity to it (in the properties of the physics behaviour) in order to pull it downwards.
Whenever you hit the jump key add a single impulse to the bird to make it fly up.

Thanks, but my problem is that when I trigger the mouse button the sprite back to the starting point.

Without knowing the code it is hard to tell what is causing the problem. I guess you are assigning absolute pixel values to the position of the sprite.
I made a small example. It isn’t perfect but shows how you could handle the logic. (11.1 KB)

Great!!Thanks :smiley: :mrgreen:


Nice job, the only flaw I found so far is if you ‘land’ you player on the ‘wall’ it will stop it from moving in the Y axis until it ‘collides’ with another wall.

Yeah it was just a quick example. There is lots of room for improvement. :wink:

Yes, I understand…just curious though…how to fix that? :smiley:

I had a look at it. It works if you change the object-behaviour collision into a physics-behaviour collision in the event editor.

Looks like the physics behaviour doesn’t work well with the object collision.