How to fade into another scene?

How would one go about fading one scene into another? I have the basic idea of how to do it, with a black overlaying sprite, however, most of the instructions I have found have not made sense to me.
Please help?

There are a few dozen ways to do it, but I would say add the tween behavior to your overlaying sprite.

At the start of the scene, use the “Tween opacity” event action to tween its opacity to 0. At the end of the scene, tween the opacity back to 255 AND set a “Sceneend” variable to 1, or something similar. Then switch scenes only if the Scene End variable is = 1 and the fade object opacity is 255.

Then you do the same thing for the next scene. etc.

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Can I ask for a more visual representation of how to do this please?

You can ask, but I do not currently have time to make one. :grinning:

There are numerous examples built into the engine and tutorials out on youtube, I’d recommend reviewing them. A good example built into the engine is the “Menu with Tweens” example.

If you’d like to avoid using tweens, you can also check the “Sprite Fade In Out” example for another manner of doing it.

Hi take a look here

and another user who solved the same question