How To Figure Out Your App ID

How Do We Figure Out Our Apple ID In GDevelop

I Need To Figure It Out Because I Am Making A Game Which Has A Store. I Need A App ID Because 1 Of The Fields In Making A Shop Is App ID.

Your Apple ID is a specific account only you will have with Apple. It won’t have anything to do with GDevelop.

Do you mean your App ID? You define that at time of compilation as far as I know. It again has nothing to do with GDevelop itself.

You can read up on an example of compiling for iOS here, but note that I think you may not be able to build for iOS with Cordova anymore: Publish your game to Android and iOS manually using Cordova [GDevelop wiki]

I Meant App ID Actually

It Just Got Misspelled By Dictionary Thing On Windows

And when i click on that it says 400 bad request nginx

If u r talking about app id for ads and using google admob you will find id when u create an ad unit for your game

@Roshan005 Its For Shopify :joy: And I Said Store In The Very Starting Post

:sweat_smile: sorry just a missunderstanding

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@Roshan005 Oh Thats Fine