How to fix the bullet going up?

Again i followed this tutorial in my own way (i mean making my own game) Create a Snowman Fight Game in GDevelop | GDevelop Tutorial - YouTube . So i followed the Add a force (Angle) but in my game my character is falling and then the bullet goes up, i can’t make my bullet to go down when i shoot down. Please help! (ASAP) (i could give u my game file if you need it)

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Your character falls because you made the character as platformer object (I think). Delete the platformer behaviour and it wouldn’t fall. For bullet events and character angle if you did everything right then because of the character fall you can’t see bullet going down. Feel free to ask more :slight_smile:

no but i wanted to make an endless game of a falling princess and she can shoot the obstacles but when i shoot down the bullet goes up, maybe because of the gravity idk

Yes, because the bullet won’t have a downward force applied to it, just one force that is away from the player. So while the player moves down, the bullet does not, and appears to rise instead.

Think of creating games as making illusion; what you see is not always what’s actually happening.

So instead of moving the player down, scroll the background up, to give the illusion/effect of the player dropping. That way, when you fire the bullets, they don’t fly up into the air.


Okay i’ll try thanks for helping me. I really need to learn more Thanks man!

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Thank you too and feel free to ask more because we learn too :slight_smile:

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