How to flip charcter based on movement

how do i make a character who gets moved with a “Tween position” trigger, as it is not a playable character, how do i make it so that the character rotates horizontal depending on which axis its being dragged in, (if gets dragged to the right = face right) etc

How are you assigning the tween? Screenshots of the relevant events help.

You could compare the X values of the current and target X.
If current X of object is > target X then it’s moving to the left so flip it.

this is what i have temporarly here

I’m not sure why you’re disabling and reenabling the platform behavior in the same event. I don’t think it with do anything. If you want to disable the player while the tween is playing then you could disable it there but use the tween has finished condition to reenable the behavior. If that’s your intention.

Something like this. I used the mouse released just for testing, replace it with your timer. Also, you can add your idle animation action to the tween finished line.

heres my reasoning…

that was my reasoning, anyways, al try this out

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If you’re using a timer, you probably don’t need the tween is playing that just out of habit.